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I was given Earlybirds clothing by my mother-in-law when my son was born. He was full term but was of low birth weight and they were the only clothing I was comfortable handling those first few weeks as my son seemed so fragile. I loved them and washed them very often as I only had a few. They are very well made. Thanks also for such a swift delivery.

- J Cullen, UK

To be honest, I wept when I opened the beautiful box and saw the tiny perfect clothes, yes an emotional time for us all, but helped by receiving something so special. What a delight and pleasure it was to give the clothes to my beautiful daughter in law and son. They appreciated them so much, and like me were thrilled with the quality and specialness. Thank you so much for understanding the needs of families with prem babies and for making the whole purchasing process so simple.

- Louise, NZ

I want to write and thank you so much for your prompt and excellent service. We were amazed at how soon the package arrived. My friend is delighted with everything and really appreciates the blue pants you thoughtfully included as a gift.

- Esther, UK

To the wonderful people at "Earlybirds" - Just a quick note of thanks for the prompt delivery of your beautiful clothing to dear friends of ours at the RWH. I couldn't believe it, when they rang yesterday to say that Amelia’s parcel had arrived, when I only placed an order the previous afternoon. It is so hard to know what to do when a wee little one arrives before they should, and at 26 weeks, Living in the country, we have no access to premature baby clothing, other than the Internet and the gift wrapping service you offer is fantastic!

- Kirsty, Australia

Well the clothes are so beautiful the best preemie clothes ever. Love everything. I will be back for some more. I am a very happy customer. I thought they would be as they looked great on the site and thanks for a very quick service - Just what the UK needed!!

- Hayley, UK

Having been given many premature garments over the past 2 weeks, the Earlybirds garments are by far the superior - being super soft and easy to put on a prem baby with so many wires and monitors. Thank you so much, such a pleasure at such a traumatic time.

- Helen, UK

Greetings and congratulations on a fantastic site for mums of preemies - my son was born at 27 weeks premature and the hardest things was finding him clothes to wear in his long stay in hospital. A friend gave me some of your clothes and they were just perfect!! The softness of the fabric and they were so easy for me to dress my tiny baby. It is wonderful that there is somewhere for mums to go to dress their little bundles just like everyone else - that is such a great feeling of normality for mums and dads alike waiting to take baby home.

- Tanya, USA

Having had a premature baby weighing only 800gms, I was faced with the difficult task of trying to find clothes that fitted my tiny baby who had drips and monitoring equipment attached all over her tiny body. I was sent a gift from a friend which contained your gorgeous and most practical clothing. What a relief. Not only does it allow for her cords and cables to come through but they are made from the softest fabric and look just gorgeous. Thank you for making such fantastic clothing for my tiny but gorgeous little girl.

- Jamie, Australia

I just want to say a huge thank you to all at Earlybirds. Not only are your clothes beautiful but the service you provide is the best I have ever received from any internet site. When my little girl arrived in the world I was so happy to have such lovely things to dress her in that fitted perfectly and were such an ease from my point of view; with the wrap around designs being so useful for any newborn. Thank you again for your friendly service and adorable clothing, so glad to have found you at a time that can be very difficult for mothers of small and pre term babies.

- Lisa, UK

I just want to express my delight at the service you provide to customers. I live in rural (coastal) Qld and completed my clothing order online at lunchtime on Wednesday... and was thrilled to receive it this afternoon (Friday). The clothes are beautiful quality and I appreciate all the thought and consideration of premmies special needs that you have put into the designs. Your website is also delightful and very easy to use. It has meant that I have been able to send off my young niece a very special and useful present whilst she is still in hospital with her 3 day old (& 7 week early) baby girl. It is such a nice change to receive such great service... you made my day.

- Lisa, Australia

We were delighted with the order received from Earlybirds. This was a present for our friends little girl Amy who was born 26 weeks premature. Although still only 33 weeks she is continuing to make progress and she has worn one of the incubator suits from Earlybirds. I thought the service, presentation and quality of the garments exceptional. Your service allowed us to express our love and support for our friends and their new baby at a very difficult time.

- Fiona, UK

I LOVE you Earlybirds clothing !! - thank you for making such a wonderful product for Preemie ! I had ordered several outfits from websites that featured preemie clothing - only to receive them and realize that they were NOT preemie as advertised but, the size of a newborn ! Preemie babies in the NICU need preemie clothes ! All our nurses love his outfits and think they are wonderful ! Jeremy arrived on May 8 - a 25 weeker - weighing 1 lb 12 ounces. He is now 4.48 ounces - and we are blessed everyday he is with us!

- Sue, USA

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