Earlybirds Organics Travel Nest to Keep your Baby Cosy

Keep your baby snug and warm in an Organics travel nest. Perfect for when out and about visiting family and friends the Organics Travel Nest with a hood, provides a lovely soft warm environment for your baby. Made from premium velour and organic cotton the travel nest can unfold flat to become a mat for baby to lie on.

Travel Nest Car

Travel nest with hood

You can choose from two different options of Travel Nests, either with or without the slit between the legs.

Travel Nest A has a slit between the legs and is designed for travelling in the car or pusher and Travel Nest B is designed for the pram. Perfect for babies weighing 2.5kg to 6kgs.

TOG rating is 1.9 (the TOG value is the international standard measurement of the thermal resistance of the fabric).

Travel Nest 'A'
(with belt slit)
Travel Nest 'B'