Car Nest

Earlybirds beautiful Organics Travel Nest A

Travel Nest A has a slit between the legs to accommodate seat belts, which safely secure baby. It provides a snug cozy environment when out and about. The Travel Nest can be unzipped to provide a comfortable mat for baby to lie on. you can count on travel nest A when you want to take them for a ride in the pram and keep them cosy and snuggled in tightly.

Safer Travels On the Road or In the Park

Taking your baby out and about can be a scary thought, unless you are prepared. With our travel nest A, Earlybirds allows you to trust that you are accommodated for all types of travel with a baby that is safely secured in the pram or the car for the ride ahead. The best part about the travel nest is that when you're at home, it can be unzipped and used as a floor mat for your tiny early bird to lie on. This travel nest is ideal for car rides when you are going out and about, and is only one of the many accessories that you will find for your little early bird.

travel nest a

Keep your baby snug and warm in an Organics Travel Nest. Suitable for babies weighing 2.5 to 6 kgs

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